this picture was done while i was quite young, so you will please forgive the cheesiness of the inscription:
  The end of your beaty is now,
  As death waits, furrows his brow
  And ye reflection leaves unto you
  Twelve roses of the darkest hue
  So fare ye well
   in Heaven or in Hell
  For the end of your beauty is now.

note the creative, appropriate usage of "ye" in multiple parts of speech and the disgraceful usage of capitals. further, as a fun puzzle, try to find the symbol of cronos hidden somewhere in the drawing. this is a habit i picked up by looking too long at blue oyster cult album covers. the drawing was not done from either a live model or from my fertile imagination. you go and figure it out. the picture was begun and completed by the then sixteen year old artist not-nearly-as-yet-known-as hellhed in 1990.

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