Socialism Becomes Totalitarianism

Communism, from the start, declared itself to be in favor of a dictatorship by the working class. In fact, it matters little whether it made this declaration openly or not. There is no way for communism to result in anything other than dictatorship. Communism is, simply put, against human nature, even in cultures that lean more towards communitarianism. Communitarianism, which is thought of as a tendency to consider the priorities of one's human environment as taking precedence over one's own wishes, is relevant on the very small scale: family and immediate community. Our minds are not designed to effectively or naturally consider the needs and desires of people we've never heard of or met, of people who have no vested interest in cooperating with us. It is after all somewhat clear that even communitarianism rises out of individual self-interest, merely along a different line of reasoning than an individualist ideology. On the large scale, in a city or in a nation, the communication of priorities becomes rather difficult, and the human desire to participate with a community is too-severely challenged. So, a representative system must be used, with a central leadership responsible for acting on behalf of the people. But does this leadership ever succeed in managing economic production and distribution, as well as civil liberties, to the benefit of the people? History indicates that it does not. Instead of managing production, socialist governments merely stifle it. The incentives that appeal to self-interested humans are absent, even in a communitarian society. And as to human rights, the abuses noted in the Soviet Union and China rival those of any other fascist regime in history. This cruelty is critical, though, to the longevity and success of the communist government. Without muzzling the opposition, it is impossible to maintain such an abhorrent system. In other words, in order to preserve its own existence, the communist government must strictly control all political, social, and economic activity.



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