a short litany
the peoples' America:
an uncanny interest in
lifestyles of rich, famous.
a tasteful disinterest in
the multitudes that live among
green plastic bins overflowing with the goodness of the Lord

A Christian Right?
It was supposed to be the peoples' America,
and then we forgot about the rights
for which some fathers fought and killed and were killed.
We forgot to separate
the church from the almighty dollar from the state.
The Bible Belt forgot to unbuckle itself and go to hell,
and the heartland forgot to stop beating
and turn cold.

Before America was--
a noble race with beautiful skin,
but we decided to kill them
and with them dies this earth,
whose dusts were molded into our mothers and fathers and theirs
(some of whom fought and killed and were killed
for this earth).
We plunge our knives deep into her,
over and over and over again
spilling her blood and pouring it into our gas tanks.
Let all praise the Lord for His goodness, which overflows.

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