Your Mom

your mom is nice. maybe. but she represents caution, protection, authority and probably also food. even if your specific mom doesn't, it shouldn't take much effort to imagine that moms in general do. this is not about your mom specifically. this is about the general concept of your mom, and how that's related to where you are, reading this, today. caution is for cautious people. protection is for those who want to be protected, and who deviously turn out to be some of the same shady characters as the cautious ones. authority is for those who want to be told what to do, as well as how and when, but almost never why. thinking, it seems, is antithetical to obeying. eating is overrated.

if you are very young, here's what your mom has to do with all this: please leave my pages IMMEDIATELY, or i will take all your candy and give it to some other kid. and then i'll tell your mom you were looking at a naughty site and your allowance will be cut off immediately.

warmest regards,

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